I’m a stressed one right now

This is probably my most real and closer to reality post yet. I mean if you knew me personally, and you read all my posts, there’s a big chance that you couldn’t figure out any connection between my life and my posts.

They are more philosophical, more like the ideas my brain makes up. And it’s not like I’m discussing them with anyone, so yeah the blog me and the me me would probably be poles apart.

The thing is I know it’s like normal to stress over exams, very normal. But my finals are two months away and I’m just stressing like an idiot. It would have been better if I actually got something out of all this stress; all I’m doing is pretty much looking at my books and going “oh my god what am I gonna do.”

That’s it. That’s literally it.

Okay, so all us writers know very well about writers block, and I think  I’m having a “study block” kind of moment. Except it’s lasting for more than a moment, and I am loosing valuable time I could use to mug up?!!

Sorry for a very awfully written rant, but some things really do need to get out my system. Maybe more posts like these will follow, maybe not. Who knows anything anyway.

If I actually pass and get good grades, I am giving you all a party. A virtual party.