About me.

Hey there!

Ok I’ll be fairly straightforward with why I am here. All of us want to be happy, right? We want only joyous and fun moments to be a part of our lives, not sad/ boring/ depressing/ humiliating and just plain normal moments. But can we eliminate those? No, we cannot. Have I tried? Hell yes.

As someone who had been through a pretty rough patch some time ago, I have realized some things. There is absolutely no way to eradicate depressing thoughts. Nil nada nope.You cannot eliminate sad times, but you can eliminate sadness. To convert this sadness into happiness, to be strong enough to admit where you went wrong, to go on with life, even when you have little to go on with, is the real sign of inner strength. 

I am somewhat trying to achieve this, and I am hoping this blog will help me in the process, as i go on slowly, steadily, step by step towards accomplishing what is most important in life- happiness. My goal is to stare at my darkest times, and still find something positive and good enough to live for.

Let’s find the good things in the bad times. Let’s bring in positivity and become alive. Let’s savour every moment and taste every victory till it fills every inch of our throats.

I promise not to be boring. Ok then.

Happy reading!


23 thoughts on “About me.

  1. I really like the direction you’ve chosen for this blog. So far the two post’s you’ve written read really well, there are a couple of basic grammar errors, but not many, just things like forgetting to capitalise ‘I’ when referring to yourself and a couple of sentences not quite running as smoothly as they should. I would suggest trying out so new formats perhaps, create a little variety on the blog to appeal to a wider range of viewers. Pictures are something of a must have on wordpress, they tend to encourage people to click on your posts and read them. Best of luck with the site.

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  2. Hi there … Popped over from the Daily Post community pool. I think you’ve made a good start here, but I would encourage you to do more to make your blog visually interesting. I agree with Carol that pictures would help; if you’re not a good photographer, you could check out https://www.dollarphotoclub.com/ – they have a wonderful selection of pictures at an affordable rate. Be careful of lifting pictures without paying for them – sometimes you can do so, but you need to verify that a site isn’t copyright protected (look for a message on the site), and always provide a link to your source – that’s just good manners.

    I personally like tags and categories as way of finding blogs about specific subjects, and navigating a site. Make sure to do a bit of research on how to use these effectively!

    Lastly, I’d encourage you to put something personal onto your about page. Many people put up a personal photograph; I’ve chosen not to show my face (and sometimes have a bit of private fun figuring out ways to get pictures that hide me without being obvious about it). That’s just me; other people have their face all over the place, and that’s kinda nice. Mostly, though, I think it’s a good idea to have a bit of personal information about who you are because it helps people connect with you as an individual.

    Hope these suggestions help. Mostly, though, I just want to encourage you to keep blogging!

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  3. Hi! I love the purpose of your blog and frankly, if that might interest you, I’d love to write a guest post for you. Would you like to email about this possibility? My contact info is on my blog, or we use Twitter direct messages as well!

    Thanks for writing about this!

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