The month of blessings, of mercy, of faith and love starts from tomorrow( or the day after?).The month precedes anticipations in every home, preparations and shopping like a maniac.In an era where we are connected to our super fast 3G and 4g-S every second for the day, and living without our TV seems next to impossible, it is really commendable to see people focus on what really matters.

The festiveness that this month offers could very easily overshadow its meaning and purpose. I find myself learning something new about myself and this world every year, and I feel giddy and excited every time I think of what this one has to offer.

Questions are many and so are self doubts. But more than anything, Ramadan if the month of self assessment and it is interesting to know that a month later I’ll be a changed, peaceful and a bit more satisfied as a person. 


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