Where’s the positivity??

I me myself. That’s what I usually talk about on my blog right? 

Initially I started my blog and named it come out positive because I genuinely believed that positivity was the one thing that could completely change my life. Now I look back and cringe, because I really wasn’t very negative then. Yes I didn’t take everything in my stride really, and I struggled with a lot of things; but deep down I didn’t doubt myself that much.

The problem was I really was surrounded by negative people, who belittled me and made me feel bad about myself. It’s weird because I’m known as the friend who gives people pep talks, I’ve even talked to strangers and helped them. So somehow I always know what to tell other people to cheer them up, but in my case either I judged myself too harshly, or the people in my life did.

I’m more neutral now, and positivity is sometimes very apparent in my life. I changed a lot of things, I changed a lot of people. But most importantly I’ve learned how to relax(haha). I truly believe that my grades DO NOT DEFINE ME as a person now. 

There is this joke that your moms gonna call you beautiful even if you look like a shrunken donut or something. And it’s true, because even if you are a shrunken donut you are still sweet and still donuty(now I’m speaking utter nonsense)

Anyway parents find your beauty and they give you positivity at times when you really can not find it yourself. They are the ones who help you stand up, and struggle with you whilst doing so.

So in the past almost one year, I learned only how to understand negativity and negative people and how to stay away from their influence (aka how to ignore them). I might still be far off from positivity. It’s a learning process,yes, and looks like I’ll be learning my entire life.


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