Sadness is better

It’s funny how being sad has become such an integral part of me. I always prided the fact that I thought and introspected a lot, and by a lot I mean literally 24X7 thinking of all the things I did wrong, why, what was the result and blah it went on.

A lot of people think introspecting is bad, and that regret is for ‘losers’. I’ve seen quotes saying “don’t regret anything” and I believe it to be completely wrong. Regret. Please do. You are human, you will feel. You will feel happy, joyful, sad, angry, sulky, guilty. The fundamental unit of humans should be feelings. That’s what making us different and not some kind of an animal.

I think being sad is a kind of responsibility that I have thrust upon myself. At a younger age I have seen what being insensitive and irrational had done to me, and to people around me. Sadness makes me question myself, makes me somehow a better person. This alone time is needed, this pondering is needed. So don’t feel wrong if you’re sad, or you are guilty for your past mistakes. It might just make you a wonderful person.

And as for me, it did change me, it did change my behavior, but only for the good. Sadness didn’t make me bitter; it made me better. 


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