Introspect-2015 Part I

2015 was full of happiness and sadness. Extremeness . I learnt so so much and I had so many different experiences. This was by far my most fruitful year, I got closer to my family, to my mother. I understood the value of friendship, what being  a friend meant and thankfully removed some toxic friends completely out of the system.

I could write a book for all the things I went through in 2015. There were and are a lot of problems. I’m standing on the steps of choosing my entire life, my career and I can’t help but think if 30 years from now I’ll curse this year or smile fondly at it. Choosing my profession has been the hardest decision of my life, because there’s just too many choices. I understood that I’m actually good at a lot of things and there’s nothing bad in accepting that. I like a lot of things too. I’ve always worked great under pressure and am always up for a challenge( sounds like I’m trying to impress some interviewer).

In a world where all my batch mates seem pretty focused and gasp when I say I haven’t decided on what to do, I have crumpled too. It might be easy for me to perform under pressure, but it’s clearly not working when it comes to making a final decision.

I like to think that the guy up there is thinking of a minutely designed plan for me, and that when I finally look at the larger picture next time this year, I’ll get it. I’ll finally understand  why I was so indecisive, why I wanted to be everybody, and what exactly am I made of.

But until then, I need to work for it. I need to work for whatever is my destiny.

Introspect-2015 is a 5-7 part series that I’ll be doing towards the end of this year, realising sharing and analysing all that I’ve lost and I’ve gained.


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