The Purpose.

Sometimes I wonder if I am nothing but a wasted person. A person who will live for years, will formulate ideas, state opinions, disagree with views, but will fail to make an impact. And it scares me. People often wonder about the purpose of life, and I have too. This then follows heated debates, where one of the many results is, that there is no purpose of life. It is to be lived, meaningful, unmeaningfull, whatever be your preference. You slog through your life, making so many others a part of yours, and in this way, people of the earth are all intervened.

Others say that it is a deciding factor for the life after. Hell or heaven? Life for them is the ultimate test, where if the number of good deeds exceeds the number of bad ones, the said person is rewarded with eternal happiness. It’s called heaven. If I give into the dark world of temptations, lies and deceit, I will undoubtedly rot in hell. I personally feel that this idea is somewhere accepted as a truth by each and every one of us, and even if it isn’t, it is still a relaxing and appealing way to justify the unfairness that we face in our lives here. Your friend cheated in the exam and got better grades than yours? That’s okay, because she will ultimately be punished in hell. This theory destroys negative thoughts felt during a particularly testing time in our lives. Frustrations, jealousy, the feeling of betrayal- we can’t really do anything about it, and so will conveniently assure ourselves that said person will surely not find hell as amazing as he/she is finding life right now.

Of course, the other, more widely accepted theory is related to religion but we won’t go into that. Most religions have the hell-heaven policy in them, and those who don’t usually talk about an afterlife. The bad guys will pay for it in their next life, and their deeds then, will be the deciding factor for their second after life, and it goes on. Though the intellectuals of today will most obviously rubbish this theory (I am one of those), it is still a widely accepted fact by many people across the globe.

I for one do not believe there is much scope in talking about what comes after death, because we really need to die to know that, and none of us want to as of now. The life we live here, on this earth, will most obviously influence the life after, and I have no doubt about it. We can discuss as many theories as we want to find out the truth behind the purpose, our purpose. But that purpose, will have a purpose, and it is our existence. We can never know details of what lies ahead, but we can be prepared for it.

We have a life, so we can make somebody else’s. That is it. This is the truth. And no, I am not talking about producing children. I really want to make something out of the ordinary sad life somebody possesses. I want to make a happy, fulfilling life out of it. This in turn will fulfil me. I will be left with immense satisfaction with what I did, which is that I gave a gift to everybody I could. I gave them the gift of bliss. And there is no better gift than that.

Think about it. If we do keep helping each other, one step at a time, everybody in the world, the end result will be what I can only term as magical. Maybe it is magic, a world of unselfish people. Then, I have a desperate inner need for magic to be possible, or for me to be the magician. Small steps will turn into giant leaps, and we will evolve into a modern liberated society. I do understand that that is nearly impossible, with humans being merely humans, and not gods. Yet I see immense potential in that world, immense. And I see some potential in ours. Maybe we could introduce a speck of magic in ours, instead of heading towards doom. And then, our major problem will be solved. We would have served our purpose, whatever it may be.

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